Ordering ApTest Manager

I wanted you to know that we're pretty darn happy with ApTest Manager and really very, very happy with the support that we get from you. -- Veritas

ApTest Manager is licensed for use on your server. We also offer a subscription service where your users access a hosted installation of ApTest Manager over the Internet.

We don't believe in nickel and diming you for features which frankly don't cost us any extra to offer. When you purchase ApTest Manager, you gain access to every feature we have.


ApTest Manager can be licensed for use on your server on a per-seat-in-use basis.

Seats are floating licenses that can be employed by any user from any browser to access a single installation of ApTest Manager. The number of users logging in at one time is limited to the number of seats you have purchased. Discounts are available based on the number of seats purchased.

ApTest Manager is distributed over the Internet. Once you purchase a license we will provide you with instructions on downloading the product. ApTest Manager is not distributed on physical media.

Before downloading ApTest Manager you will be asked to accept the terms under which the product is licensed and supported. Feel free to review the License and Support Agreement. The Agreement is subject to change without notice.

Hosted Subscription Service

A second alternative is for us to host ApTest Manager for you. We provide a dedicated copy of ApTest Manager, all server H/W and S/W, manage the server, and take care of backing up your data. Subscription is a per user per month 'rental', no long term committment is required. ApTest Manager support and maintenance is included. If you later purchase licenses to run on your server your hosted data can be easily transferred.


ApTest Manager is surprisingly affordable. Pricing is available here.


Support customers receive top-notch support and software updates.

If support is purchased it must be purchased for all copies you have licensed. Support must be purchased for the year in which your first copy is purchased.

Support is included in the cost of the subscription service.

Support does not cover training and professional services, which can be purchased separately.


Payment must be made in U.S. dollars (USD). Payment may be by check drawn on a US bank, by credit card, via PayPal, or by wire transfer.

Purchase Orders may be accepted at our discretion. POs may be submitted by facsimile, mail, or email. PO payment terms are Net-30.

For a quote from which to place your order please email us.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

Please send e-mail to atm-sales@aptest.com if you have questions about ApTest Manager.