Product testing is notoriously difficult to manage. Documenting and tracking the large number of test cases involved is daunting and information can easily be lost as personnel come and go. Consistent test execution from one release to another is difficult to achieve. Comparing results for prior and current test runs is problematic and time consuming.

ApTest Manager solves these challenges by recording and tracking the tests used in your software and hardware testing projects and the results of running them. Testing information becomes instantly available to everyone - always accurate, always current.

Using ApTest Manager:


Web-based Solution

Improve Process and Productivity

Extensively Customizable

Key Features

Complete QA Management Solution

Integrated Requirements Management

Flexible Test Specification

Elegant, Simple Test Execution

Comprehensive Reporting

Integration with Third party Tools

System Requirements


ApTest Manager can be installed on any web server that supports the CGI 1.1 interface on any operating system supporting Perl 5.8 or higher. This includes Apache and Microsoft's IIS on Windows and Apache on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X systems. ApTest Manager performs best on platforms using Apache and mod_perl.

ApTest Manager can be used on virtually any hardware platform but for production use a server system of contemporary vintage is desirable. A recommended minimum configuration for PC-based systems is a Xeon® class processor with 1-2GB of memory and 20-40GB of free disk space (depending on the size of your test case inventory). This server may be shared with other applications and does not need to be dedicated to ApTest Manager (though a more complex server may be required in this scenario).


ApTest Manager can be accessed from most common browsers including Netscape 7.0 and above, Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Mozilla 1.0 and above.


A single installation of ApTest Manager can be used enterprise-wide, supporting any number of tests for any number of products.

ApTest Manager is tested with Test Suites containing 60,000 Test Cases and operation by 100 simultaneous users. Performance is a function of server hardware, software, and configuration.


ApTest Manager's GUI lets you customize your Test Suites to match your test process and requirements.

Each Test Suite may have its own separate custom settings for each of these areas.


You can configure ApTest Manager to integrate with your existing tools for source code control and bug tracking.

Custom Programming

ApTest Manager is distributed in source form and can be extended to operate in unique applications such as driving simulators and automated testing for embedded systems. Our professional services team has extensive experience in building ApTest Manager based applications and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.