ApTest Manager Pricing

Purchasing the software for use at your facilities on your server

Licensing is on a per-seat basis. Seats are floating licenses that can be employed by any user from any browser to access a single installation of ApTest Manager. You may have as many user accounts as you like. The number of users logging in at one time is limited to the number of seats you have purchased.

Seats are $595 each (perpetual license; one-time fee); discounts based on volume.

Add additional seats at any time. Seat orders are priced at the discount level of the order*.

Annual support and maintenance in subsequent years is $120/seat/year. Support is included in the initial purchase and optional in subsequent years. Support customers can file Problem Reports and have access to maintenance and enhancement releases throughout the support year.

1-5$595 0
6-10$565 5%
11-15$535 10%
16-20$505 15%
21-30$475 20%
31-40$445 25%
41+$415 30%

* For example, if you purchase 11 seats the cost would be $5,885 but if you buy 5 seats and later buy 6 more the cost would be $2,975 for the first order and $3,390 for the second, for a total of $6,365.

A subscription service for using an installation of ApTest Manager that we host

We provide a dedicated copy of ApTest Manager for you, all server H/W and S/W, manage the server, and take care of backing up your data. Your users access the hosted service over the Internet. Cost is $45 per seat per month. There is a $200 one-time set up fee. ApTest Manager support and maintenance is included.

Hosted access avoids the cost of a server and the overhead of administering it. If you later purchase licenses to run on your server your hosted data can be easily transferred.

Server shell access, third party tool integration, and source code are not included.

We do payments for hosted seats as credit card transactions. We bill quarterly to make it more convenient for both parties by reducing the number of POs, invoices, and alike that would otherwise be necessary. You can cancel or adjust your number of seats at any time with 2 weeks advance notice, in which case we will refund or credit any outstanding balance.

Your credit card will be charged immediately for your initial 3 months of service and subsequently near the end of each three month period for the next three months of service.

All prices in U.S. dollars.


Two Training classes are available.

Professional Services

Custom consulting on ApTest Manager is available on an hourly basis at a cost of $200/hour.

Additional Support

We provide two optional packages offering operational assistance for customers with active support contracts:

  1. Start-up Assistance

    3 hours of assistance on installation, configuration, and tool integration. Cost $600.

  2. Platinum Care

    8 hours of assistance on ApTest Manager related matters, a second license for 2 users, and pre-emptive support. Cost: $1,800 per year.


PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A FORMAL QUOTE WHEN READY TO PLACE AN ORDER. Please in include in the your quote request the number of licenses you wish to purchase, whether they are for use on your server or hosted by us, and any training or additional support you would like included. One quote per customer, please.

Please note that what we issue are Purchase Quotes, suitable for ordering by your Purchasing group. As such we can issue only one at a time per customer.

If you are considering several different options please do the math to determine costs from the prices above and only request a quote for the one you'll be purchasing. Thanks.

Please send e-mail to atm-sales@aptest.com if you have questions about ApTest Manager.