ApTest Manager provides affordable test management for QA projects.

It improves consistency, organization, and control throughout the testing process.

Why ApTest Manager?

Powerful, Configurable, Easy to Use Web-Based Testing and Results Consistent Test Runs and Results Usable Reports of Test Results Hooks to Connect with Your Other Tools
General purpose, Web-based, and highly configurable, ApTest Manager will supercharge your testing processes' speed, productivity, and accessibility of information. Requirements and tests are entered into ApTest Manager on-line. Information becomes immediately available to your entire team to document test requirements, test specifications, and test plans; execute repeatable comprehensive test cycles; and review and compare the results of test runs. Existing requirements and tests can be imported automatically. ApTest Manager manages the process of executing test cycles. The tester is shown the requirements, procedures, and environment for each test. When execution of the test is complete test results are entered into ApTest Manager. Consistent procedures and results from one test run to another are thus ensured, whether the same or different personnel perform the testing. Reports can be generated at any time showing requirements traceability and the results of testing, both separately and in comparison to other test runs on different product configurations or versions. Test Specifications can be produced as can management reports showing planned versus actual schedules, test runs executed by date, test area, and tester, etc. Your organization already has tools you use in your development processes. We don't want you to throw those out! We want you to add ApTest Manager to your collection of tools. ApTest Manager has a rich collection of hooks and interfaces that make it easy to integrate with your existing issue tracking system, revision control, build environments, etc. See the current documentation for the details!

Do I Need ApTest Manager?

If you are involved in QA testing, you probably do.

ApTest Manager will optimize testing productivity and ROI organization-wide.

  • Maximize time to market in test planning, execution, and results analysis.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams can manage their entire testing process.
  • Engineering can manage their Unit testing as well as sharing QA/QC tests. checklist
  • Management can monitor and examine the results and status of testing.
  • Tests and results can be shared with vendors and customers.

Team members, including new members as they come on board, have test requirements, specifications, procedures, and results available at their finger tips from their Web browser. As ApTest Manager integrates all of these functions under a single Web interface, test information can easily be shared across a group of any size and geography.

What Our Clients Say...

Thanks for the great help in this process. The way you treat your potential customers puts the competitors to shame.

-- McData

I'd just like to say that I love your tool so far. I have not used it through the whole testing process yet, but so far I just adore it. (Compared to years of swearing at existing bigger, more expensive systems such as Compuware's QA Director).

You should know that you are extremely competitive as a manual testing tool. It is especially good when you do exploratory testing. I am sure many in the context-driven school would like to hear about this.

-- Qamcom Technologies


-- Adteractive

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