Outsourced Software Testing Services


ApTest's projects span the major application software markets, including:

as well as OSs, middleware and development tools.

This broad background allows us to bring a seasoned perspective to evaluating our clients' needs in most any software project.


ApTest's projects span the major applications of software testing:

Software Technologies

Our technical expertise spans testing for Web sites, application software, middleware, and system software:

This breadth of knowledge benefits all our projects, facilitating:

Our staff are professional software developers and we approach each of our projects as a commercial development program, producing production quality products using the best available development methodologies.

Testing Technologies

ApTest has extensive experience working with Hewlett Packard's Quality Center suite and Borland's Silk suite of test auotmation software. Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in applying these tools and other tools to software from the Desktop to the Enterprise.

Certification Programs

Programs which verify the compatibility of software products through testing are increasingly important in today's software marketplace. Open Source licensing, Open Systems standards, componentized architectures, web browsers, and Java are examples of environments in which products from multiple vendors needs to work together. Certification programs provide assurance to the end user of compatibility between products in these sorts of environments.

There are two primary types of certification programs.

ApTest is uniquely experience with certification programs of both types from successful projects, including:

ApTest certification programs are customized to the unique needs of each technology, but leverage ApTest's experience and test technology to provide quick deployment of effective solutions with high market value.

Programs can include test development, distribution, support, and maintenance, process definition, web site development, program administration, lab testing and results auditing, as well as marketing and promotion of the program. Programs can be operated using ApTest's name or that of the client, as desired.