ApTest Services

Each ApTest project is unique. Our process entails evaluating the requirements of each new project, defining an agreed plan for solving these needs, and providing the right team and resources to implement this solution.

Within these projects some or all of the following services may be provided.

Test Process Definition

Testing requirements vary substantially based on target market, implementation technologies used, development practices, and alike. A variety of test processes are available to help meet these requirements, some more applicable to a given project than others.

We're knowledgeable about most contemporary testing methods and can recommend options for defined, repeatable, well managed test procedures tailored to your requirements. We can also supply implementation resources for installing new test methods for your organization.

Test Planning

ApTest can work from existing test specifications and plans, or develop test plans for implementation on an outsourced or in-house basis:

Manual Testing

ApTest performs manual QA testing cycles, on either a standalone basis or as a prelude to the development of an automated test suite. Testing can address black box testing of installation, compatibility (OSs, Browsers, etc.), functionality, and reliability, as well as white box testing. Manual test campaigns follow a Test Plan and Test Specification, provided by the client or developed by ApTest as part of the project.

Using our ApTest Manager test management tool you will have complete, real-time access over the Internet to the development and execution of your tests. This allows you to view and supervise the work being done on your project during every phase from start to finish.

Automated Test Tool Selection

ApTest's wide experience with software products, testing methods, and automated test development tools allows us to efficiently evaluate your application and recommend the types of testing needed and the test development tools that best fit your needs.

We work with multiple test tool vendors, allowing us to provide informed, objective advice on test tool selection. Our recommendations can include a hands-on inspection of your products, including tests of the fit between your application and different tool sets.

We also use products from Hewlett Packard, Borland, IBM and others to streamline the testing process.

Automated Test Development

Implementation of a test suite proceeds following a Test Plan and Test Specification. ApTest employs experienced software developers with substantial automated test suite development expertise to ensure a reliable product is produced according to the schedule and budgets agreed at the start of the project.

Our development projects are usually performed at ApTest's facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or remotely over the Internet.

Technology Transfer

ApTest can provide training on a variety of aspects of QA testing, test automation and test development tools. This training can occur prior to or during test development, or as part of a final technology transfer phase of an outsourced testing project.