PowerPC Embedded ABI Test Suite

Tool developers - do your tools meet the PowerPC specifications?

End users - will your vendors' tools work together?

PEATS provides the answers.


The PowerPC Embedded ABI Test Suite (PEATS) verifies the ability of development tools to produce and consume files compliant to the PowerPC Embedded Application Binary Interface (EABI), Version 1.0:

Testing with PEATS facilitates product reliability as well as validating interoperability between tools, debuggers, and libraries from multiple vendors. It is thus a valuable utility both for development tool vendors and users evaluating acquiring these tools.

PEATS performs a large series of tests covering EABI requirements for:

Testing primarily entails compilation of custom C test programs, analysis of the resultant object, linking with objects from a trusted toolset, and analysis of the resultant executable. Supplemental tests are employed which execute generated code in a PowerPC environment.

The general categories of checks made by PEATS include:

A unique feature of PEATS is its validation of ELF/DWARF semantics. PEATS employs a translator which reads an arbitrary C program and generates expectations about the ELF/DWARF information that should be produced when it is compiled. PEATS then compares this information to the ELF/DWARF actually produced by the compiler under test for the source program. PEATS reports any errors noticed as well as flagging inconsistent DWARF usage and deviations from recommended practice.

Test operation is managed by the DejaGnu test harness, a Tcl-based framework originally developed for testing GNU tools. DejaGnu offers PEATS users:


System Requirements

Runs on AIX4 and Windows-95




To order your copy of PEATS, complete the End User License and the End User Support Agreement and provide 2 copies of each to ApTest, along with a check or PO for the license fee and first year's support fee. ApTest will countersign and return to you a copy of each of the two documents, and provide you with ftp access to PEATS.

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Further Information

Download the PEATS Functional Specification.

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