addAtmUseradd a user to the system
archiveSuiteexport a test suite
buildHistorypopulate session audit trails with historical data
checkSQLcheck the SQL connection for a specific suite.
checkSessions.plensure that all sessions for a suite are readable
checkUUIDcheck for duplicate UUIDs in a suite
cleanHiddenFilesclean up hidden deleted files in a test suite
cleanUserdataclean up user database to remove old sessions
convertFormattedconvert formatted fields to wysiwyg fields
convertHTMLconvert HTML fields to formatted fields
copySuitecopy a test suite
countTestsdetermine that number of tests that match given selection criteria
delAtmUserremove a user from the system
encryptPasswordsencrypted any unencrypted passwords in the system
exportmake a portable package of some your ATM data
exportAllmake a portable package of all your ATM data
exportSuiteexport a test suite
exportUsersexport user data
importFromCSVimport test cases and requirements into ApTest Manager
importResultsimport session results from CSV file
importTestsimport tests into ApTest Manager
lockSystem.pllock the system for only administrative use
makeSession.plcreate session using an existing set
readCacheread a suite cache file
readDBM.plread an arbitrary DBM file
readFilterDBread a suite filter database
readReportDBread a suite report database
readReqDBread a suite requirements database
readSearchDBread a suite search database
readSessionread and display a test session
readSetread and display a test set
readSuiteDbread a suite metadata database
readUserDbread the user database
readdbRead a test database
renameUserrename a user, ensuring that all references to the old user are updated
restorerestore some or all of a backup
syncSQLsynchronize the SQL store.
syncdbsynchronize a test suite's test database with the tree
teeappend stdout to a file and send to controlling terminal
timeshiftSuitecopy a suite, adjusting times so they are relative to some new date
updateOrderCacheupdate the file order cache for a suite
updatePrefsupdate user preference structures
updateProfileensure that the test suite profiles are up to date
updateSetsensure that the set definition is up to date
updateSuiteensure that the test suite and its cases are up to date
updateUsersupdate fields of type "user" in a database
updatefieldsupdate field contents against patterns

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